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Born 16 February 1983 in Lumberton, MS.  Graduated Purvis High School in 2001.  Joined US Army in August 2001 and served 6 years overseas.  Currently lives in Germany with his family and works as a civilian on a US Army Military Installation at Katterbach Army Airfield.

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Current Donation Amount

Current Donation Amounts: As of 8PM (GMT+2) 20 April 2013
The total amount of Donations: $6759.50 USD

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank you all for your financial contributions. None of you had to give but in doing so, you have saved my family from a crisis. We have reached a point now that we feel like enough money has been raised to get through this and we do not wish to keep accepting money that we may not need. I will describe in great detail on my blog at setjasonfree.blogspot.com how we are using the money you have all graciously given and once this ordeal is over, we want to talk to you all and find out how you would like to see the remainder of the funds go towards helping some other family/families in need.
We welcome your continued moral caring and support and hope to remain in contact with you all through this difficult time for our family.
From the bottom of our hearts and with the most gratitude, thank you

We believe this will cover all the expenses of our case here if I am released by the 26th of April. I would like to invite you to read this link about what the funds are used for and please offer us information or suggestions on what cause we could send the remaining funds to should they not all be required. 

 If we are not fined a hefty sum and I am allowed to return home by the 26th, I will lose no salary from my job and my family will be safe and secure thanks to you all. We would like to give back to families in need and we hope that your generous contributions would be able to ease the suffering of those who are in a far worse situation than we are.

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