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Born 16 February 1983 in Lumberton, MS.  Graduated Purvis High School in 2001.  Joined US Army in August 2001 and served 6 years overseas.  Currently lives in Germany with his family and works as a civilian on a US Army Military Installation at Katterbach Army Airfield.

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Current News - 24 April 2013

UPDATE: My court date has been set for 9 May 2013.  15 days from now.  I wasn't less than excited to hear that today because I had my fingers crossed for a hearing this week.  The judge told my attorney that I wouldn't usually have my hearing until a month out but they made special concessions in my case and moved it earlier.  
Earlier today....

The latest news I have is that my attorney has taken some official paperwork to the court (Monday, Tuesday was a major holiday) which shows reference of character for me, a military police background check, and verification of employment. She believes this will help convince the judge to set a court date as early as possible. It is believed that once I make my statement at a hearing, my Travel Ban will be lifted since there's no purpose served by me being present in the country. The court possesses the evidence (the two stones) and I have a lawyer to represent me. In Turkey, the defendant is not required to attend court hearings if he/she has an attorney. With that being said, there is no reason to keep me here. In order for the Travel Ban to be lifted, I will have to have a hearing first so that's what we are waiting on. As soon as I am released, I will purchase flight tickets and return home to my family. The court case will continue to proceed in my absence and could carry on for quiet some time.


  1. Good luck. I've been thinking of you and your family.

    1. Thank you Erin. Everything turned out ok and I'm back with my family. It was a tough journey with a lot of heartache but in the end, I made it back and I will not take anything for granted.

  2. Been thinking about you. Hope it went well today.

    1. Thank you so much for your care and concern. You probably know by now that it went well and that I made it back home to my family. The timing was great as well: I made it for Mother's Day and yesterday my youngest son turned 10. Very happy I didn't miss out on those special days. Thanks again for your loving care and concern. All the best to you and yours.