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Born 16 February 1983 in Lumberton, MS.  Graduated Purvis High School in 2001.  Joined US Army in August 2001 and served 6 years overseas.  Currently lives in Germany with his family and works as a civilian on a US Army Military Installation at Katterbach Army Airfield.

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Media Attention

Thanks to our social network and the connections of people who really care.  Our story has had successful news coverage.

Ms. Suzan Fraser of AP News interviewed me and wrote the first story.  Within the hour it was popping up all over the internet.  Since then I've been interviewed by Stars and Stripes in Bavaria, Germany and my story has seen written, televised, and radio coverage to include interviews with my mom, brother and family in Mississippi. 
The articles have gone global and I've seen them in many international newspapers.  There has been extensive coverage here in Turkey as well. 

I would like to thank the military community where we are from and all my friends from my military service who shared it with their communities.  I would especially like to thank one person specifically who used her connections to reach out and get the AP press involved so that I had the pleasure of an interview with Suzan.  I won't name this person but you know who you are and how much you mean to us.  I would like to thank every individual who shared my blog with a news agency or reached out to a connection in the media to help get the attention we needed.

 I will share links to some of the articles and coverage here below:

Huffington Post - Jason Dement, U.S. Tourist, Faces Trial In Turkey For Collecting Stones That May Be Historical Artifacts

FOX News - US tourist faces jail in Turkey for collecting beach 'stones'

Stars and Stripes - DOD contractor in Turkey suspected of smuggling antiquities

Outside - Tourist Held for Pocketing Beach Stones, Claimed as artifacts in Turkey

Travelers Today - U.S. Tourist Detained for Smuggling of Beach Rocks

The Washington Times - U.S. veteran faces Turkish prison for collecting beach ‘stones’

WDAM 7 - Purvis grad reportedly detained in Turkey

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